Product and supplier information

Markets and customers

Our most important markets are the Netherlands and Germany. In addition, we transport gas to and from other countries. Our customers consist mainly of shippers, traders and directly connected parties (industries, regional network operators, private network operators, foreign network operators, gas producers, operators of gas storages and operators of LNG plants).

Production factors

The most important products and services that enable us to deliver our services are the following:

  • building, managing and maintaining the pipeline network and installations;
  • the supply of materials for the purposes of building, managing and maintaining the pipeline network and installations;
  • gas, electricity and nitrogen;
  • an IT network for efficiently planning and executing the transport of gas;
  • facilities services and temporary personnel.

Origins of raw materials, materials, products and services

Most of what we buy comes from the European Union. Broken down into countries, 80% of our supplies come from the Netherlands, 15% from Germany, 1% from Belgium, 1% from the UK and 3% from other countries.

Selecting suppliers

Before entering into a contract with a major new supplier, we investigate its integrity, its solvency and the composition of its customer portfolio (to ensure that it is not unduly dependent on only one or just a few customers).

In making our selection, we apply the legally obligatory Uniform European Tender Document model to check whether any circumstances exclude a supplier from tender procedures (i.e. membership of a criminal organisation, corruption, fraud, terrorist crimes, money laundering, child labour and other forms of human trafficking).

We have a Code of Conduct for suppliers. Among other things, the Code covers safety, health and environmental matters. The Code of Conduct is in line with the Code of Conduct that applies to our own employees, and compliance with it forms part of the selection procedure for new suppliers.
We regularly assess suppliers on their safety and quality performance. In the event of persistent underperformance, we cease working with the supplier in question.

Supplier categories

We divide our product and service groups into the following categories:

  • Strategic:
    Suppliers of strategic products and/or services are subject to stringent requirements. This is because any disruption of supply entails a high risk for us, and the cost of finding a new supplier is high.
  • Critical:
    Suppliers of critical products and/or services are subject to relatively light requirements. This is because finding a new supplier incurs costs. Disruption of the order-related supply does not entail a high risk.
  • Non-strategic/Non-critical:
    All other products and services are classified as non-strategic and non-critical.

Purchase contracts by category 2017 2016
(percentage share of the tendered amounts)    
Building, management and maintenance of the network 30% 22%
Building, management and maintenance of the installations 7% 8%
Materials 10% 11%
Fuel gas, electricity and nitrogen 30% 32%
ICT 8% 10%
Facility services and temporary staff 15% 17%